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Fund Philly Schools!

Our City, Our Schools

Working in partnership with organizations and activists across the city as part of the Our City Our Schools effort to return Philadelphia Public Schools to local control.

Reclaim Endorses Larry Krasner

Larry Krasner for District Attorney

A major campaign of the Decarceration Taskforce is our endorsement of Larry Krasner for Philadelphia District Attorney. The District Attorney is a key position in defining how criminal justice is conducted in Philadelphia and Larry's platform combined with his experience make him a natural ally in our battle. Larry has worked for 25 years as a criminal defense and civil rights attorney, defending both Black Lives Matter and Occupy protesters. If elected District Attorney, he will end policies that have led to mass incarceration and ensure that police officers are held accountable in cases of misconduct. Reclaim Philadelphia organized a city-wide field campaign that contributed to Krasner's primary victory. As a program Reclaim has knocked on 60,000 doors and had 10,000 conversations!


Some of the issues we care about

  • Electoral Politics

    City council, state legislature, and the federal government, must represent the interests of poor and working people, not developers and bankers. One of Reclaim Philadelphia’s primary goals is to foster and support candidates who stand for the 99 percent of Americans, free from the influence of wealthy donors, unafraid of taking progressive stances.

  • End Mass Incarceration

    African-Americans are disproportionately affected by unjust laws and racially biased practices such as stop and frisk, and as a result have been categorically disenfranchised by a system that amounts to little more than rebranded segregation. If we are going to end the oppression of black and brown bodies and the legacy of white supremacy, we need a radical redefinition of how criminal justice is served.

  • Worker's Rights

    The right to fair wages, to protection from wage theft, will be safeguarded by Reclaim Philadelphia and its members. Reclaim Philadelphia stands in solidarity with unions and with worker centers who seek social justice.

  • Trade

    So-called “free trade” deals have served primarily to enrich corporations and destroy legal protections for workers at home and abroad. They contain provisions that drastically limit the bargaining power of labor and vitiate national environmental laws. Reclaim Philadelphia opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  • Progressive Tax Reform

    We believe that progressive taxation is a way of investing in common goods and raising the quality of life for everyone. Philadelphia’s tax burdens fall lightly on developers in Center City, who enjoy record profits, while schools and neighborhoods are starved. Many universities in the area pay no taxes at all, while benefiting tremendously from public goods.

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